Symeon Megalos (Συμεών Μεγάλος)

Greek Orthodox Audiobooks for e-Learning Greek Orthodox Audiobooks for e-Learning

Founder and Software Developer at Patrologos Project

Simos Megalos, Publisher at PATROLOGOS project

Founder and Software Engineer at Patrologos Project (Greek Orthodox Audiobooks for e-learning) , producing e-learning material for catechumens to the Greek Orthodox Church and anyone interested in studying Greek Orthodox Patristics and Literature on the original Greek text. Project's main activities include the collection and digitization of important Greek Orthodox Christian Works and their transformation to audiovisual e-learning material by producing their voice recordings in audiobook format and their corresponding interlinear translations in English and Spanish languages (to be displayed in parallel with the original Greek text), in order to render them comprehensible even to non-Greek speaking audiences and facilitate their use as Greek Language practicing and learning tools. For more information, please visit the Official Web Site of Patrologos Project or the blog .

Web Developer using C and webassembly exclusively

As a Web Developer I prefer to work with Debian Linux servers on dedicated hardware, using plain C programming language, the Apache httpd web server and modules together with Emscripten/Webassembly technology for the design and implementation of web applications of blazing fast performance and advanced security. I have good knowledge of Apache Server internals, senior experience on web technologies (html5, css, javascript, etc) and I master unix shell and perl scripting and linux server configuration and administration.