Symeon Megalos (Συμεών Μεγάλος)

Greek Orthodox Audiobooks for e-Learning Greek Orthodox Audiobooks for e-Learning
Simos Megalos, Publisher at PATROLOGOS project

Founder and Software Developer at Patrologos Project

Patrologos Project (Greek Orthodox Audiobooks for e-learning), produces e-learning material for Greek language learners and catechumens to the Greek Orthodox Church. Project's main activity is the transformation of selected Greek Orthodox literature works to «comprehensible input» kind of e-learning material by adding English and Spanish interlinear subtitles to their Greek Audio recordings.

Software engineer (NTUA 1992)

As a web software engineer I use plain C programming language, compiled to apache modules on the server and to webassembly on the browser, for the development of fast and secure WebApps on linux dedicated hardware.

C/webassembly web development training for corporations (2 to 4 weeks)

It is amazing how much power the combination of plain old C with modern webassembly gives to the hands of the programmer. You could literally build anything on the web using these two basic tools: a C compiler and a webassembly compiler. Anything: from online shops to online gaming platforms and single page CRM and ERP systems! I have designed a 2 to 4 weeks training course for the initiation of web programmers to this kind of minimal but powerful web development workflow and methodology. If your company needs to invest in this competence just send me an email to receive the detailed contents of the course and the cost per person.