Η Καινή Διαθήκη σε νεοελληνική μετάφραση
Βίοι Ἁγίων
Βίος Ἁγίων Βαρλαάμ καί Ἰωάσαφ


Pure C to Webassembly Web Application Programming for speed and security

This multipedia (edutainment) project website, demonstrating an Audible, Interlinear (and Mobile Friendly) Language Practicing Reading Tool, might (at first view) seem to be a quite simple webapp but, technologically speaking, there is something quite particular about it.

This website is built entirely on pure C programming language as a static Apache HTTPD Module on the Linux Server back-end, with all the necessary for the browser C structures and functions translated to Webassembly (wasm) through Emscripten on the front-end, resulting thus in some BLAZING FAST performance and enhanced content security.

If you are a multimedia web content publisher for the educational or marketing sector and you need to explore future proof webassembly technology frameworks and solutions, feel free to contact me via email ( and I 'll be happy to serve!


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